List of products by brand Davide Canina

IPARCELLARI was born from the passion for the wines of Davide Canina professional Piedmontese sommelier, even more than for their quality, for the concept of production rooted in the expression of a wine through its territory.

During his visits to Italy and abroad, he fell in love with the deep bond that companies have for the Parcel production of wines, or rather for the exasperation of wine production in the wine-growing area through the different lieux-dits or climat.

The Plot (lieux-dits) represents a defined and limited space within an officially registered plot of land. A set of parcels can be considered a parcel (climat).

Davide Canina

Davide Canina, Piedmontese, engineer, has married his passion for wine since 2008, becoming a professional sommelier. Since 2014 he has been responsible for the wine lists of starred restaurants in Piedmont. He is also a teacher at the AFP Colline Astigiane school. In addition, since 2019 he has been director of the ASPI Monferrato courses, delegation of the Italian Professional Sommellerie Association (ASPI), the only Italian member of ASI-Association de la Sommellerie Internationale founded in Reims in 1969.